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Gourmenta is a high quality food paper. We supply it to customers and resellers worldwide, especially in countries with very high hygiene regulations. Our customers use it wherever food hygiene is important. The paper is also known as butcher's crepe, fish crepe or baker's crepe.

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Innovative production of quality paper

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With its specially structured surface and high grammage, our single-ply Gourmenta paper is thicker and stronger than conventional multi-ply food wipes. It has been used successfully for decades in the meat and fish industry as well as in the catering trade.

We offer two basic quality differences: Gourmenta 45 g/m² or Gourmenta 55g/m². The grammage determines the thickness of the paper and thus the absorption properties.
We are happy to cater for specific customer requirements in terms of absorbency and format.


(standard quality)

100% pure cellulose, unsized, creped, woodfree, 45 or 55g/m², white

Packing units in boxes

38 X 58 cm 15 X 22.8 inch (18 kg 40 lbs / approximate 1725 sheets)
38 X 58 cm 15 X 22.8 inch (10 kg 22 lbs / approximate 950 sheets)
59 x 79 cm 23.2 x 31.1 inch (10 kg 22 lbs / approximate 950 sheets)
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High quality & ecological

Advantages &
Product features

Gourmenta food paper is one of our most popular products and is characterised above all by its high quality and ecological properties: it is highly absorbent, hygienic, odourless, resistant to wet tears and does not fluff.

 No fibre residues stick to food or surfaces.

Through technical optimizations we have been able to continuously increase the absorbency over the years.

Thanks to the addition of a special food-grade material, our Alimenta paper is extremely tear-resistant, even when wet.

Made from 100 percent long fiber virgin pulp (highest quality pulp). Only 100% food grade additives are included.

Developed, manufactured and packaged in Switzerland. High quality standard. We meet strict hygiene requirements.

Food paper Gourmenta

Technical information


100% Long-fibre pulp, wet strength

Various formats

Food grade paper can be produced in a variety of formats. The standard formats are: 38x38; 38x58, 58x78 Basis weight: 45 or 55g/m²

Delivery and packing

Worldwide. Packs of 10 kilograms (32 boxes per pallet) or 18 kilograms (16 boxes per pallet). Large size: 58x79 (10 kilogram pack). By ship (overseas), air freight, rail and truck transport.

Production of food paper

Made in Switzerland

Made in Switzerland

We develop and produce exclusively in Switzerland and, as a paper mill, adhere strictly to local hygiene regulations. In addition, we produce Alimenta without chemical additives. It is therefore fully recyclable. Thanks to our consistent quality, years of experience in the field of butcher's crepe and efficient production, we can build on many years of satisfied customers.

Food paper Alimenta

Versatile use

Due to its fast and high absorbency, Gourmenta is perfect for quick dripping, dabbing dry or as a base for food without sticking to the product. Our food paper is widely used in butcheries, bakeries, cheese factories, catering businesses and cleaning companies.



Dabbing meat and fish (e.g. in a cold store). Rapid water absorption (e.g. soaking up juice from meat products, removing residual moisture from dough).

Cleaning companies

Cleaning companies

In hygiene areas: Thanks to wet tear resistance, there is less risk of injury (e.g. when wiping up broken glass and contents). Well suited for drying glass surfaces, as it does not create dust.



Insert paper in cartons or in the display (e.g. in bakeries)



Drying of juicy or highly fatty foods (e.g. mozzarella, canned goods, meat). Absorption of excess oil and fat (e.g. from fried foods).

Innovative production of quality paper

Ecological production

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100% pure natural

Gourmenta is a food safe paper. It complies with the current food regulations and requirements according to (EC) No. 1935/2004, EU- 2023/2006, LFGB, BfR XXXVI 100% pure natural woodfree pulp ISO 9001 QMS certification ISO 14001 environmental certification

High hygiene & quality requirements

Due to the high hygiene and quality requirements of our customers, we use 100 percent virgin fibre pulp. We are strongly committed to the environmental sustainability of our products.

Quality guidelines

- 100% certified raw materials (FSC®)
- Product is 100% food safe
- ISO 9001 QMS certification
- ISO 14001 environmental certification


We adhere to the specifications of national and international certificates and quality guidelines.