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Sustainability and environmental protection are of great concern to us. For years, Swiss Quality Paper has been working continuously to make both the products themselves and the manufacturing process as environmentally compatible as possible. In particular, we comply with the requirements of the following two important international certificates:

For our products, this means above all that we avoid chemical or environmentally harmful additives whenever possible. Most of our products are biodegradable. To achieve such results, we are breaking new ground with our research and development team and actively working on the development of new technologies.

The basic material for paper production is natural wood fibre (also called pulp). We give preference to suppliers who attach importance to the reforestation of forests and bear the FSC® label. This means that the companies are committed to the internationally recognised standards of responsible forest management. A large proportion of our pulp comes from Scandinavia and Canada. In both regions, the labels are regularly checked and the industry is well supervised by the government. However, we cannot rely exclusively on European woods because, depending on the quality of the paper required, they do not meet certain properties and pulp manufacturers cannot source FSC wood exclusively either.

In the manufacturing process, we work to continuously reduce the need for resources. The internationally recognised ISO 14001 standard sets out the minimum requirements for an environmental management system. ISO 14001 certification therefore means that Swiss Quality Paper meets international standards in environmental management.

Within the company, various measures for environmental protection are defined, implemented and continuously improved. Our main resources for the production of specialty papers are gas, water and electricity.

We protect nature

Numerous certificates
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Certified Management System

The environmental organisation of the Swiss economy

Certified IQNet Management System

100% Bio Degradable Product

FSC ® Certificate

Certificate of the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes

We protect nature

Our commitment to the environment


Our mill was one of the first paper mills in the world to introduce a closed water circuit on a paper machine. This allowed us to reduce fresh water consumption to the smallest amount possible. Today, we have an in-house industrial wastewater treatment plant that recycles the water with effective microbacteria after various filtration systems. Nevertheless, the water is regularly discharged to the municipality's wastewater treatment plant and replaced with fresh water from our own source.


We invest a lot in energy-saving measures on the machines. Measures to cover our own energy requirements are being planned (solar system and renovation work to save energy).


We already generate about 200'000 kWh ourselves through our turbine attached to the steam.