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Swiss Quality Paper stands for exceptional expertise in a wide range of paper types and special papers. Thanks to our many years of experience, the continuous further development of our recipes and the modernisation of our production facilities, our paper meets a wide range of technical requirements. 90 percent of the paper we produce is exported. Our products sell to customers in a wide range of industries all over the world. We are proud of this.

Masking Tape Paper

We have been producing high quality Masking Tape paper since 2001 and have continuously developed the products. Our customers rely on the properties!

Food paper

Gourmenta is a high quality food paper. We supply it to customers and resellers worldwide, especially in countries with very high hygiene regulations.

Cigarette filter papers

Development and production of filter papers with unique properties. Biodegradable or maximum pollutant absorption in our carbon or micro blue paper.

Udder cloth

We produce our udder cloth in close cooperation with our customers. The recipe varies depending on the demands on the paper.

Silk paper

Development and production of tissue paper. It is manufactured entirely in our Swiss production halls.

Tablecloth Paper

We produce tablecloth paper as rolls are for a worldwide clientele. The paper tablecloths are available in different colors.

Glasses Wipe and Wet Wipe

Wet tear resistant, lint free glass cloth for disinfection, cleaning and care wipes.

All Purpose Cloth

A robust alternative to household paper: the all-purpose cloth impresses with its high wet tear resistance and perfectly balanced absorbency.

Customized solutions

Our team looks forward to the challenge and will work with you to develop a paper that meets your requirements.
As a Swiss paper manufacturer, we develop, produce and package exclusively in Switzerland. Delivery takes place worldwide.
Swiss Made


Swiss Quality Paper, based in the canton of Solothurn in Switzerland, has been successfully involved in the development and production of paper since 1883.


We have numerous quality certificates. Our credo is to continuously improve the manufacturing process and products.


Our papermakers are proven specialists. Most of our employees have been part of our company for years.

Environmental protection

Sustainability and environmental protection are of great concern to us. Contain no to minimal chemical additives.


We adhere to the specifications of national and international certificates and quality guidelines.