Traditional paper with gloss

Tissue paper

We have decades of experience in the development and production of tissue paper. It is manufactured entirely in our Swiss production halls. Our paper mill supplies the high quality tissue paper to buyers and resellers worldwide.


The tissue paper contains very little glue and is biodegradable. Packaging of food is possible without any problems.

Colour selection

We can offer a wide range of colours. We produce machine smooth (MG), so for gloss without extra work step.

Our clientele

We produce tissue paper mainly for the global food industry and the retail trade (confectioners, bakeries, florists).

Noble quality

Our tissue paper has a particularly good quality and is beautiful, smooth and noble. On request we deliver the traditional paper with gloss.

Innovative production of quality paper

Products and solutions

Tissue paper MG silk beige

100% pure natural pulp, woodfree, 20g/m², beige

Our company credo

Quality &

We produce our tissue paper in the format that the customer wants. We can also offer a choice of colours. We produce machine glossy (MG). This means that no additional work step is required for the gloss.

Due to the low weight per unit area, less energy is required for production and drying.

We are happy to respond to specific customer requests. Ecological production processes are an important company credo at our paper mill.

High quality & ecological

Advantages &
Product features

Our tissue paper has a particularly good quality and is beautiful, smooth and noble. We produce it in our paper mill with special care.

Interesting haptics: Very smooth surface structure.

Due to the small thickness very productive and easy to process.

Minimum amount of glue in the paper to increase biodegradability and keep the amount of pollutants as low as possible.
Can also be used for packaging food without any problems.

Developed, manufactured and packaged in Switzerland. High quality standard.

Tissue paper

Technical information

General info

Maximum paper machine width: 3.08m
Basis weight: available from 19 to 25 g/m²
The tissue paper can be delivered in different colours.

Delivery and packing

Worldwide, from roll (by weight, roll diameter or linear meter), by ship (overseas), air freight, rail and truck transport. Packaging, dimensions and weight according to customer requirements. We deliver the high quality tissue paper to buyers and resellers worldwide.

Production of food paper

Made in Switzerland

Thin quality paper

We develop and produce exclusively in Switzerland and, as a paper mill, adhere strictly to local hygiene regulations. With tissue paper, we offer a range of thin paper grades with a basis weight of less than 30 g/m². a quality product. Due to its thin thickness, it is transparent and made of 100% virgin fiber pulp. Thanks to our constant quality and years of experience, we can build on a long and satisfied clientele.

Tissue paper

Versatile use

Tissue paper is a very thin paper with a slightly shiny sheen. We produce it mainly for the global food industry and retail trade (confectioners, bakeries, florists). The paper has no fat barrier and is therefore used to give the packaged product a noble look.



Tissue paper for presenting e.g. wrapped chocolates or pralines in displays.



Tissue paper as flower wrapping paper for florists



Tissue paper in bakeries for packaging pastries and bread


Packaging paper

To protect against scratches and damage during packing.

Innovative production of quality paper

Ecological production

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Environmental sustainability

Swiss Quality Paper's tissue paper is free of any environmental pollutants. We also strive to conserve resources in production.


We adhere to the following national and international guidelines and certificates during production and processing:
- 100% certified raw materials (FSC®)
- ISO 9001 QMS certification
- ISO 14001 environmental certification


We adhere to the specifications of national and international certificates and quality guidelines.