Practical and decorative protection for tables


We produce tablecloth paper (tissue paper) for a worldwide clientele. The paper covers are available in convenient 45-metre rolls and are laid and processed in our Swiss production halls. The high quality paper is easy and quick to spread. The paper tablecloths are three-ply and therefore particularly absorbent.

As a Swiss paper manufacturer, we develop, produce and package exclusively in Switzerland. Delivery takes place worldwide.
Swiss Made


The multi-layered papers are pressed together only by means of steam and a steel embossing roller, thus eliminating unnecessary sizing.


Our worldwide clientele includes restaurants, corporate event organizers, catering companies and convention organizers.

Easy handling

Available in various sizes and colours. The finished sheets are rolled and packed for you to the desired format.


We adhere to the specifications of national and international quality guidelines. FSC®, ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 and others.

Innovative production of quality paper

Products and solutions

Available in online shops

Quality &

The tablecloth paper is available in online shops and is used by many restaurants, catering companies and private households. As a customer, you can rely on a high quality product made from 100% virgin pulp. Our tablecloths are available in baccara red, dark blue, dark green, grey, orange, pink, sunshine yellow and white. We will be glad to advise you.

White with flower embossing

1mx100m, 1-ply crepe paper to embellish tables at festive occasions

Colorful dyed

1m x 45m, 3-ply crepe paper, 6 rolls per box, exclusive shades. Beautiful paper for a beautiful celebration.

Environmentally friendly manufactured

Advantages &
Product features

The paper tablecloths from our production are manufactured environmentally friendly. Delivery is worldwide from the roll. Customers benefit from further quality advantages:

Very absorbent

The paper blankets have three layers, one on top of the other, bonded together without chemical additives.

Easy handling

Easy to roll out, available in different sizes and colours.

Environmentally friendly

The white tablecloth paper is biodegradable and contains no chemical additives.

Swiss Made

Developed, manufactured and packaged in Switzerland. High quality standard.

Tablecloth Paper

Technical information


100% Fresh pulp, ink, wet strength agent

Delivery & Packing

Delivery and packing: Worldwide, by ship (overseas), air freight, rail and truck transport.

Packing, dimensions and weight according to customers' requirements.

Further information

Maximum width up to 1.2m
Basis weight: 35-70 g/m²


Coloured rolls: mostly 1m x 45m. White rolls: 1m x 100 meters. The finished sheets are rolled to the format required by the customer and packed. On pallets of 12-16 boxes of approx. 18KG, delivery by truck transport. Per box 6 rolls.

Production tablecloth paper

Made in Switzerland

Ecological manufacturing processes

As a paper mill, we pay attention to ecological manufacturing processes: In order to avoid chemical substances, the layers of the paper are not glued, but pressed together with steam and a steel embossing roller. This gives the paper an embossing.

Use tablecloth paper

Our customers
and customers



Our tablecloth paper protects tables from stains and scratches.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events

The tablecloth paper has a decorative effect and thus embellishes the table on private occasions or large celebrations.

Catering Companies

Catering Companies

The castors are perfectly suitable for fixed bench sets and tables with a width of up to 90 centimetres.

Club events

Club events

The paper blankets are available in various shades and are easy to roll out.

Innovative production of quality paper

Ecological production

Environmentally friendly

Many manufacturers produce tablecloth rolls from artificial fibres that can neither be produced ecologically nor biodegraded. We build on 100% virgin fibre pulp, which comes from controlled forestry.

Environmental sustainability

Sustainability and environmental compatibility are central company credos at Swiss Quality Paper.

Quality guidelines

We also comply with the requirements of national and international certificates and quality guidelines.
- 100% certified raw materials (FSC® possible)
- ISO 9001 QMS certification
- ISO 14001 environmental certification


We adhere to the specifications of national and international certificates and quality guidelines.