Production of backing paper for adhesive tapes

masking tape

We have been producing high-quality masking tape paper since 2001 and have continuously developed the product and the production process. Today, Swiss Quality Paper is one of the leading independent manufacturers of masking tape paper worldwide. We deliver to business partners in over twenty countries around the globe.

Since 2001

We have been producing high quality masking tape paper since 2001. And are one of the leading manufacturers worldwide.

Running behaviour

Uniformly reproducible running behaviour, optimised for the customer's machine. Our Research & Development Team will advise you.

Quality & Selection

We have a wide range of shades, hues and paper properties to choose from. Printing is also possible.

Main customer

The customers for our Masking Tape-Base Paper are processors. Most of them are active in the automotive industry, for DIY stores or construction.

Innovative production of quality paper

Products and solutions

Wide range

Quality &

Swiss Quality Paper offers a wide range of colours, shades and paper properties for masking tape paper. We are happy to meet specific customer requirements in terms of colours, printability and feel.

We regard every new product as a challenge and constantly try to push the boundaries of what is possible. In doing so, we strive for quality, reliability and flexibility.

crepe tape

Crepe tape, usually 35-45 g/m². Strong stretch and flexibility. Ideal for covering edges and corners.

Flat Crepe Tape

Crepe tape with flat back, usually 55 - 70 g/m². The Flat Crepe Tape is printable. High quality.

High Crepe Tape

High crepe tape, usually 55 - 85 g/m². Strong stretch and flexibility. Ideal for covering edges and corners.

Grass Masking Tape

Masking Tape with grass fibers (hay). 50% better ecological footprint than traditional masking tape.

Washi-Like Tape

Machine-made masking tape with the look of Washi paper (Washi refers to handmade paper from Japan).

repulpable tape

Redissolvable backing paper for adhesive tapes - usually 19 - 22 g/m². Temporary wet strength, but also still water soluble.

Research & Development

Advantages &
Product features

Our customers are closely supported by our technical sales team and the Research & Development department. We know the machines for further processing and produce the paper exactly for the respective customer. The aim is to optimise the running behaviour of the paper on our own and the customer's equipment. This increases the customer's efficiency and reduces costs.

The paper is developed in cooperation with the customer and created especially for the specific needs. The running behavior of the paper is optimized based on the customer's machine. Modifications to the paper are possible in order to achieve added value on the customer's machine.

Uniformly reproducible running behaviour, defined latex absorption, homogeneous shrinkage behaviour. Customer-specific absorption behaviour of different substances (dye/latex and release composition). The absorption behaviour of other materials is also taken into account. The customer's wishes are taken into account, wet tensile strength can also be flexibly adapted.

The running behaviour is optimised for the customer's machines, and the paper is adapted to the next stages of further processing at the customer's premises.

As a Swiss paper manufacturer, we develop, produce, process and package exclusively in Switzerland. We offer a high quality standard. We don't just supply them with the paper they ordered, but optimise it for their machines and materials. We carry out test runs on site and take into account the specific conditions.

Masking Tape Paper

Technical information


Primary pulps (bleached or unbleached), long and short fibre fresh pulps with different properties, wet-strengthened, dyed, water-repellent according to customer requirements

Delivery & Packing

Worldwide, from reel, by ship (overseas), air freight, rail and truck transport. Packaging, dimensions and weight according to customer requirements.

Further information

Maximum paper machine width: 3.08m
Basis weight: between 24 and 80g/m²

Production Masking Tape Paper

Made in Switzerland

Customers & Buyers

Masking Tape Paper (also called painter's tape, masking tape, masking tape paper, base paper or raw paper for adhesive tape) is the backing paper that is further processed by our customers into adhesive tapes.

The main customers of our Masking Tape-Base Paper are converters. Most of them work in the automotive industry, for DIY stores or the construction industry.

Masking Tape Paper

We deliver to
global customers

Auto industry

Auto industry

For marking or masking when painting, for masking trims.

Marine industry

Marine industry

For marking or covering when painting.



For covering when painting, on door frames, furniture, floors, sealing windows, creating art or crafting, etc.



For closing cardboard boxes, the tapes can be printed on request.

Innovative production of quality paper

Ecological production

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Environmentally friendly

We strive to make our products and the manufacturing process as environmentally friendly as possible. A large part of our masking tape paper can be dissolved and recycled again without any problems.

Environmental sustainability

Due to the high hygiene and quality requirements of our customers, we use 100 percent virgin fibre pulp. We are strongly committed to the environmental sustainability of our products.

Quality guidelines

- 100% certified raw materials (FSC®)
- Product partially recyclable
- ISO 9001 QMS certification
- ISO 14001 environmental certification


We adhere to the specifications of national and international certificates and quality guidelines.