Production of backing paper for adhesive tapes

masking tape

We have been producing high-quality masking tape paper since 2001 and have continuously developed the product and the production process. Today, Swiss Quality Paper is one of the leading independent manufacturers of masking tape paper worldwide. We deliver to business partners in over twenty countries around the globe.

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Product description

Food grade paper is highly absorbent, dust and lint free, wet tear resistant and biodegradable. It is made of 100% long fiber & fresh pulp, the highest quality pulp. Due to the hygienic production and sustainable raw materials, this paper is food certified and suitable and approved for direct contact with food.

The pulp used is FSC pulp. FSC guarantees that only trees from reforested forests are processed.

The paper is excellent for blotting juicy or greasy foods without paper residue sticking to the food.

Due to its wet tear resistance, it is also suitable for quickly wiping away large amounts of liquid and does not allow foreign bodies (such as broken glass) to pass through, which reduces the risk of injury.

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Masking Tape Paper

Technical information

Masking Tape Paper

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Innovative production of quality paper

Ecological production

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Environmentally friendly

We strive to make our products and the manufacturing process as environmentally friendly as possible. A large part of our masking tape paper can be dissolved and recycled again without any problems.

Environmental sustainability

Due to the high hygiene and quality requirements of our customers, we use 100 percent virgin fibre pulp. We are strongly committed to the environmental sustainability of our products.

Quality guidelines

- 100% certified raw materials (FSC®)
- Product is completely biodegradable
- ISO 9001 QMS certification
- ISO 14001 environmental certification


We adhere to the specifications of national and international certificates and quality guidelines.