Decades of experience

Tailor-made paper solutions

Paper is much more than a simple sheet for us. It is our basic material, our passion and our success. Paper has been manufactured and processed at our Balsthal mill since 1883. Swiss Quality Paper stands for quality, innovation and progress. We produce exclusively speciality papers, over 120 grades. We work closely with our customers in 20 countries and also meet high technical requirements. This makes us a very flexible and reliable partner for companies all over the world. Our annual turnover is over 35 million Swiss francs.

Swiss Quality Paper

Innovative paper production

Masking Tape Paper

We have been producing high quality Masking Tape paper since 2001 and have continuously developed the product and the production process.

Food paper

Gourmenta is our highest quality food paper. We supply it to customers and resellers worldwide, especially in countries with very high hygiene regulations.

Cigarette filter papers

100% biodegradable filter papers and plug wraps. In addition, highly filtering papers such as Active Carbon or Micro Blue paper with excellent pollutant filtering properties.

Udder cloth

We produce our udder cloth in close cooperation with our customers. The recipe varies depending on the demands on the paper, but is in dedem case free of chlorine.

Silk paper

We have decades of experience in the development and manufacture of tissue paper. It is manufactured entirely in our Swiss production halls.

Tablecloth Paper

We produce our tablecloth paper (tissue paper) for a worldwide clientele. The paper tablecloths are available in convenient 45-metre rolls and come in a variety of colours.

Glasses wipe / wet wipe

A glass cloth with excellent wet tear resistance properties for conversion to both spectacle wipes and conventional wet wipes. Very wet tear resistant and low dust.

All Purpose Cloth

A robust alternative to household paper: The all-purpose cloth from our production impresses with its high wet tear resistance and perfect absorbency.

Customized products

Our success is our flexibility coupled with decades of know-how. We like to develop papers with and for our customers in order to achieve and maintain maximum quality.

Reliable - friendly - environmentally aware

We pay attention to sustainability and
the protection of nature.

Highest quality standards

To our customers

Together with our customers, we develop solutions even for very demanding challenges. Our specialty papers precisely meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Whether masking tape paper, cigarette filter paper, food papers or udder, hygiene and table papers: We develop and produce all products in our plant in Switzerland and optimise them where necessary for the customer's technical systems. Our team is also on site for this purpose.

Uniformly reproducible running behaviour, defined latex absorption, uniform shrinkage behaviour. Customer-specific absorption behaviour of different substances (dye/latex and release composition). The absorption behaviour of other substances is also possible. The resistance until the paper tears when wet or damp is always the same.

As a Swiss paper manufacturer, we develop, produce, process and package exclusively in Switzerland. We place particular focus not only on the highest customer satisfaction and the quality of our products, but also on sustainability and the protection of nature. 100% of our pulp is (FSC®) certified.

We work continuously to improve and optimise not only the products themselves, but also production from an ecological point of view. This begins with the operation of the large machines and ends with small actions in everyday life.

Production Swiss Quality Paper

Made in Switzerland

Our team on site


We adhere to the specifications of national and international certificates and quality guidelines.