Tailor-Made Development

Tailor-made development and optimization to your technical demands

Implementing specific parameters to your targeted paper

Special colouring

Onsite troubleshooting (to calibrate your SQP paper to your process)

Trial runs

In-house research and development laboratory

SQP Technical Facts

Annual capacity: up to 28,000 tons/p.a.

Production width: up to 3.08 m

Paper weight: from 19 gsm - 130 gsm

Masking Tape Paper

Masking-tape Paper

For high quality adhesive tapes

Adjusted to specific customer and market needs

33 - 80 gsm with customized colours and shades

Cigarette Filter Paper

Cigarette Filter Paper

Made in Switzerland for over 50 years

Outstanding filtration

100% biodegradable



Quick, high absorption

Used for drip, swab or underlay of meat and fish products

Food grade certified

MG / Silk Paper

Masking-tape Paper

Smooth, velvety texture

Food/Praline packaging

19 - 22 gsm with customized colours and shades

Tissue / Crepe Paper

Tissue / Crepe paper

High absorption

Cleaning, wiping or drying surfaces

Normally 24 - 42gsm

Finished Products

Butcher paper. Used for cleaning meat and fish before packaging or processing.

Udder Paper / Eutertuch / Farmer usage
Used in the dairy industry for cleaning and helping the milking process.

Everyday Use Hygiene Tissue
High absorption. Used for cleaning, wiping and/or drying.

Tablecloth Towel
Available in various colours, and with a texture that is easy to dust.

Converting Capabilities

Cutting in MD (machine direction)
Cutting in CD (cross direction)

Silk reel (large sheet cutting)
Table cloth rewinder

Embossing calander
Small width slitting unit