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We have been producing high-quality masking tape paper since 2001 and have continuously developed the product and the production process. Today, Swiss Quality Paper is one of the leading independent manufacturers of masking tape paper worldwide. We deliver to business partners in over twenty countries around the globe.

100% Plastic-Free Coiffeur-Cape made of water-repellent paper 96cm x 130cm

CHF 26.50
Product description
Brand: Swiss Quality Paper AG

Disposable paper hair cutting cape - 100% plastic free!

  • Water and colour repellent
  • airy and comfortable, even in summer temperatures
  • no static charge
  • can be disposed of in waste paper after use (100 % recycling)
  • Colour: light yellow
  • Made in Switzerland

Dear Customer!

Thank you for your interest in our eco-friendly hair cutting cape.

We had our "Cape" tested by various hairdresser stores in the Solothurn area and received a lot of positive feedback. Our "Capes" are a bit bigger and longer than the conventional capes, so that they can be practically tied together and cover the back well. So no hair ends up on the thighs of your customers.

Be sure to put on our "cape" only after washing and wipe off large color stains when tinting or dyeing.

Our breathable paper makes it possible to sit well protected on the hair cutting chair without sweating, even in warm temperatures.

Orders placed before 15.00 will be shipped the same day. Orders from 300 pieces postage free.

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Masking Tape Paper

Technical information

Masking Tape Paper

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Innovative production of quality paper

Ecological production

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Environmentally friendly

We strive to make our products and the manufacturing process as environmentally friendly as possible. A large part of our masking tape paper can be dissolved and recycled again without any problems.

Environmental sustainability

Due to the high hygiene and quality requirements of our customers, we use 100 percent virgin fibre pulp. We are strongly committed to the environmental sustainability of our products.

Quality guidelines

- 100% certified raw materials (FSC®)
- Product is completely biodegradable
- ISO 9001 QMS certification
- ISO 14001 environmental certification


We adhere to the specifications of national and international certificates and quality guidelines.